A financial entrepreneur and immigrant becomes the first vice-president in the history of Novae

CONYERS, Ga., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Black-owned fintech and financial education company Novae, LLC is honored to welcome Ashton Henry as the company’s first vice president. He accomplished this title in just 3 weeks.

Multimillionaire, financial entrepreneur and immigrant, Ashton Henry becomes the first vice-president of Novae in the history of the company! The trajectory of his nationwide business organization puts him on track to accomplish the top position of Presidential Ambassador and Managing Partner of Novae in just a few months.

Henry immigrated to United States of Grenade in 2004 to study commerce. After working in a series of marketing and business development roles, he earned his MBA in 2011. Henry spent time as assistant director of admissions for Brown Mackie College before founding his own financial education company.

He is the author of “The Chemistry of Credit”, a financial education book written to help readers get out of debt. Interested readers may want to see Henry’s 2019 appearance on the Steve Harvey show, where he discussed his own financial success and offered advice on improving viewers’ credit scores.

Meet the CEO of Novae Recce McCambry, Henry tells me that he immediately felt at ease. He was pleased to see that Novae’s management team was receptive to suggestions for strategic growth. He felt that Novae’s mission aligned with his own mission to help marginalized and struggling communities by making financial education and fintech widely available.

Henry hopes his work with Novae will help him help his fellow immigrants and members of the black community find financial success. He is only too aware of the discrimination that has prevented many black and immigrant families from accumulating wealth over past generations, and he knows that success is possible for those born into poverty if they master the workings of the financial system. CEO of Novae Recce McCambry is one of those successes.

Henry plans to use his marketing and strategic growth to help Novae affiliates and customers increase revenue.

“I want to help people get paid.” Henry simply said in our interview. “I want to see more six- and seven-figure revenue. I think we have the platform and the leadership we need to do that.”

Henry told me he was drawn to Novae by the company’s range of services to help people in any financial situation. “I appreciate that people can improve their credit score and secure financing for their businesses,” he said. “Novae has tools to help them grow and market their businesses so they can increase their income. It really empowers people in general, and our employees in particular. So many people don’t have access to these tools and knowledge.”

“I love it because sometimes you go to a provider, and the opportunities they have for you take away from the business you’ve already built. With Novae, people can come with their businesses and they can improve their credit personal and professional to get what they need.”

The appreciation was mutual.

“We were drawn to Mr. Henry’s commitment to helping people,” Haziq Ali, Novae’s chief marketing officer, told me. “That’s something we really appreciate at Novae. We’re very happy to have him on board.”

“I’m looking to create history here,” Mr. Henry told me. “We are going to do great things.”

To learn more about Novae, visit www.novaemoney.com.

Arielle Dothard

Novae's mission is to INSPIRE people to get the most out of life, EDUCATE them about how to do it and provide them with OPPORTUNITIES to get there.  Visit www.novaemoney.com for more information.

Novae’s mission is to INSPIRE people to get the most out of life, EDUCATE them about how to do it and provide them with OPPORTUNITIES to get there. Visit www.novaemoney.com for more information.



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