5 Reasons Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD is Good for Your Retirement Plan

Planning is a priority in your golden years to ensure you can enjoy these years as you please while minimizing the risk of running into financial trouble. Here, strategic investment decisions can help you, especially if you need to earn a stable income in retirement. If done well, investments can also add to your wealth at this stage. When investing, choose an option that allows you to enjoy cash and generous returns while incurring minimal risk. An investment option that meets these needs is the Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD.

FDs are among the most popular investment instruments for Indians. When it comes to a FD for seniors, it’s usually a better choice because it comes with special FD rates. Bajaj Finance offers higher FD rates, an additional 0.25% on the base rate. It allows you to get higher returns within a stipulated time frame. This is just one of the benefits to note and why you should invest in this senior FD during your retirement years.

Earn better returns with comparatively higher FD rates

The simplest reason why high FD rates are one of the main advantages of investing in a senior FD is that it generates higher returns. This is an essential factor for a senior investor as it may be the only source of income. It is therefore crucial to obtain the highest possible FD rates. With the Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD, you can enjoy this benefit by earning up to 7.45% per annum. Keep in mind that FD rates are also affected by the term you choose. So, choose the longest term possible to get the most out of these FD rates.

Digitization makes it an easy and convenient investment option

Thanks to fintech and other digital advancements, you can now invest in this senior FD with just a few clicks. Also, you only need minimal documentation, if any at all. If you are required to submit documents, you can upload them online and invest without delay. Bajaj Finance has simplified the process and made the experience totally user-friendly. All you need to do is:

· Complete the online form

Verify your identity with OTP secret

Choose your FD amount and duration

Reserve the FD via Netbanking or UPI payment methods

Online payment facilities make the whole process totally transparent and easy. You don’t need to visit a physical branch, as every step of the investment journey can be done online.

Multiple payment options help you get cash as needed

You have the option of booking a cumulative or non-cumulative FD. With the latter, you can choose multiple payment options, which allow you to earn interest income at specific intervals during the term. This can help ensure that you have the necessary cash to meet your regular expenses and any emergencies. Remember that the payment option you choose has an impact on the FD rates offered. Here is a table to help you better understand how your returns are impacted.

Consider a Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD with an investment amount of Rs. 5,00,000 for a tenure of 44 months.

FD rates are unaffected by market volatility

Once you invest in the senior FD, the FD rates are locked in and unaffected by market fluctuations. This greatly reduces the risk of losing your hard-earned savings and assures you of a continued return on your investment. You can secure your wealth while growing it without worrying about losses.

Flexible duration helps achieve short and long term goals

When you invest in this FD for seniors, you can choose a tenor that helps you achieve your goals. You can use an FD calculator to determine the best duration to invest in. Below is a chart to help you note the impact of a longer duration.

The results mentioned above were calculated using the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator.

Remember, it’s better late than never to start planning your retirement investments. Since FD rates are unaffected by market fluctuations, fixed deposit is a great investment option for you in your golden years. With proper planning, you can get immediate returns while achieving your long-term goals. Invest online in Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD and make your retirement years stress-free!

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