3 ways to make your sales team more efficient

We all know sales are tough, constant rejection leads many frustrated sellers to lower prices and huge promotions. You should know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, an excellent seller can be made.

Just as a sports team anticipates every move during a game, the sales team must map out every encounter and its possible outcomes. After 20 years of helping founders and CEOs scale their businesses, I’ve come to re-read the Hyper sales growth book, by Jack Daly, a serial entrepreneur who has turned six startups into national organizations and an inspirational sales coach over the past 20 years. You can feel the time, money, and tears that have gone into each unique approach offered in this book. That’s why I find myself coming back to it so many times. Jack Daly’s approach has stuck around for years because it can be executed immediately and most importantly, it transforms the business forever into a more enjoyable work experience. After all, if success is a goal in life, the best part is enjoying the ride, right?

According to Daly, three factors contribute to sales growth:

1. A clear corporate vision:

My first question to entrepreneurs and CEOs is: what is the company’s vision? Where do you want it to be in three, five or ten years? Few leaders can confidently say where they want their business to go. Describe the direction of your business and get people engaged and excited. Where will you be geographically present? How big will your team be? What does revenue look like? Have a clear and inspiring vision of where you want to take the business in today’s reality and tomorrow’s opportunities. This will boost the team’s energy and focus and make them know how to act in the difficult times ahead. Make sure to develop success guides and never stop training.

2. Key vendors:

Having the right people in the right positions. Having a sales manager who isn’t your best salesperson – and certainly not the CEO. The sales manager is mainly in charge of two things: growing your sales team in quantity and quality and teaching them to think and act with more concern for the customer than for the sale. Find someone who manages the pipeline and has the right contact with people. Here’s a tip: hire for skills, but hire for attitude. Sales success doesn’t have much to do with products, services or sales strategies – it can all be taught.

3. A strong commercial culture:

Create a workplace where your employees love to go. If you adopt the right culture, everything that happens in your business becomes easier. Build a winning culture that will give people the tools, processes, and authority to make decisions as if they own them. Make room for mistakes and learning, so they are in charge and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Above all, make it fun and exciting because that’s the only way to make them fans of the company and their work and to perform at their best. There are four pillars to a strong culture: recognition and competition, communication, personal and professional development, and accountability.

When you own a marketplace, you can charge whatever you want.

I recommend that my coaching clients take time to plan with their team. Go somewhere for a day or two and take a break from your work routine to come up with a game plan to differentiate yourself from the competition. Devise a plan with the sales team to create a perception of value to improve trust and remove price objections. Make it interesting for the team by creating a theme around the goal and planning a celebration when they get there. This will increase sales to levels you have never seen before.

Keep a mindset to create a workspace that works primarily around increasing sales, under the fundamental principles of making work fun and winning people’s hearts. Just like the sales team should ideally be, go for it! Get started right away and don’t wait until you have a perfect plan.

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