Average auto loan delinquency rates, interest rates and payouts aren’t really influenced by geographic location. Rather, they are determined by the driver’s credit rating and history, income, debts, and loan amount and term. But statistics broken down by location reveal the typical habits of drivers in each state. During theRead More →

Continuing with its stated goal of reducing its exposure to business loans, the city wants to reduce delinquency levels before it resumes funding the sector, its managing director and CEO Girish Kousgi said. The state-owned housing finance company (PNB) has reduced its exposure to business loans in recent years andRead More →

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German airline giant Lufthansa said on Thursday it had “left the pandemic behind” as it reported strong third-quarter net profit and forecast strong demand in the coming months. Lufthansa had suffered huge losses when the coronavirus halted global air travel and had to be bailed out byRead More →

As one of Australia’s only fintechs to have built its proven and proprietary technology from the ground up, MONEYME is leveraging its technology leadership to create business advantages and become a powerhouse in the Australian financial lending space. MONEYME (ASX:MS) is positioned to be a major player not just inRead More →

While researching his new biography, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking Up of America, well-connected journalist Maggie Haberman, senior political correspondent for the New York Times and CNN political analyst, secured three interviews with the former US president – despite her denunciations of her “fake news”Read More →

Advertising Health care in Taiwan is extremely good. It is not difficult to find claims that the country’s national health insurance system is one of the best in the world, whether in international league tables or Taiwan’s inclusion in Ezekial Emanual’s recent book “Which Country Has the Best Health CareRead More →

December MCX Gold futures are expected to trade in a range during this session with support placed between Rs 50,300 and Rs 50,150 according to a report by Motilal Oswal. Resistance is seen at Rs 50600-50750. As for December silver futures, support is seen at Rs 56200-56000 while resistance isRead More →

In 2009, at age 34, Dustin Lance Black won an Oscar for his script for the biopic Harvey Milk. Milk. In his acceptance speech, he promised young gays and lesbians that “very soon…you will have equal rights, federally, throughout this great nation.” The next day, his mother asked him howRead More →

Gwen Veazey Prior to COVID-19, the Friends of the Burke County Public Library earned about $10,000 a year from biannual book sales. One sale involved BRIDGE (Young Offenders Forest Conservation Program) workers transporting boxes of books on city trucks from the Morganton Library to the Collett Street Recreation Center. DozensRead More →

Nan Goldin’s fingerprints are everywhere. The idiosyncratic photographer, activist and subject of Laura Poitras’ first feature-length documentary in six years is both icon and iconoclast, an embodiment of what it means to hold two truths, wonderful and terrible, in balance: All the beauty and bloodshed. Where to start with NanRead More →

Information technology could do many things, but reporting quarterly and annual company performance to shareholders, stock exchanges and regulators was not one of them. This was information that determined compensation and promotion, not to mention the company’s stock price and future prospects. Financial reporting involved a myriad of decisions, andRead More →

If you think about it, isn’t it a bit odd that we the public generally know very little about how many copies of individual books are sold? The movies are reporting weekend box office receipts to the nearest dollar. Streaming services like Netflix can be opaque, but regularly broadcast TVRead More →

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release. Readers should conduct their own research before taking any action related to the content mentioned in this article. Learn more > Kyiv, Ukraine, October 13, 2022, Chainwire — Primex Finance, the first-ever cross-chain prime brokerage protocol, launches the Primex Beta on the EthereumRead More →

A discussion of “Dysconnected,” held at the film’s Oct. 8 premiere, included (from left) Erin Brewer of Advocates Protecting Children, therapist Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, Daisy Strongin, activist Chris Elston and filmmaker Don Johnson. (Image: Courtesy of the author) The new documentary from filmmaker Donald J. Johnson, Disconnected: The real story behindRead More →

After the solid report on the results of Czerwona Torebka Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:CZT), the market responded by pushing the stock price higher. However, we believe shareholders should be cautious as we found some worrying factors underlying earnings. See our latest review for Czerwona Torebka Spólka Akcyjna WSE: CZT Earnings andRead More →

Alarm bells are ringing about a looming subprime mortgage crisis that could see banks exposed to the elements and more borrowers shy away from home loans in areas prone to extreme weather. Climate change is something many borrowers don’t consider when buying a property, but risk assessors say it shouldRead More →

Motorway maintenance company Eurovia has seen a 26% increase in profits thanks to critical works that have been carried out during the pandemic. The company’s recently released accounts show pre-tax profits reached £26.9 million in the year ending December 31, 2021, up £5.6m from £21.3m the previous year. Eurovia alsoRead More →

Charnwood, England, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Matt G Tarrant Marketing + Coaching, based in Loughborough, England, speaks to local business owners about how they can improve their business growth and sales. Matt Tarrant is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by providing practical advice and strategies. Tarrant says,Read More →

Partnership streamlines processes for faster loan decisions by delivering next-generation digital solution LONDON, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NORTH/LB, one of germany largest commercial banks, is accelerating access to finance for its large corporate clients, through a partnership with Trade Ledger, the global data-driven lending technology provider. NORD/LB will useRead More →