The Justice Department says Edward Snowden, seen here via video feed, violated nondisclosure agreements he signed with the National Security Agency and the CIA with the release of his new memoir, Permanent record. Juliette Linderman/AP hide caption toggle caption Juliette Linderman/AP The Justice Department says Edward Snowden, seen here viaRead More →

Edward Snowden, seen on a video screen, talks about his book during a live broadcast. Snowden is … [+] currently living in Russia, which granted him asylum. Photo by Jörg Carstense dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images Topline: Edward Snowden, still considered a traitor by the US government, had the highlyRead More →

If data is now the most profitable commodity of the 21st century, it is also fast becoming the one with the highest political and social risks. Increasingly, our most pressing real-world crises — from election hacking and virulent nationalism to livestreamed mass shootings and digitally driven job losses — centerRead More →