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15 Amazing Indigenous Bookstagram Accounts To Follow


One of my reading goals for 2021 is to read 50 books by Indigenous authors. I already had a ton of native authored books on my TBR, but one of the first places I turned for more recreation was Indigenous Bookstagram. There are so many amazing native Bookstagram accounts out there! Thanks to these dedicated readers and their reviews, I have read so many amazing Indigenous books and added a truly unruly amount to my TBR.

This list includes Indigenous booksellers from many nations, all of which focus on different types of books. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you check out the #IndigenousBookstagram hashtag, you’ll find a lot more accounts to follow.

Keep in mind that not all of these Bookstagrammers are exclusively critical of Indigenous books. It is important to read Indigenous book reviews by Indigenous critics, and many of these accounts focus on Indigenous literature. But no one from a marginalized community is forced to write or speak only of that community. You’ll find tons of Indigenous lighting following these designers, but that’s not all you’ll find!

Individual Indigenous Bookstagram accounts to follow

Dani Sally-Anne @Thunderbirdwomanreads

Dani is an Anishinaabe bookseller and activist from the Red River. She publishes thoughtful reviews of primarily Indigenous books, with an emphasis on memoir and literary fiction. She clearly pays a lot of attention to her reviews and I pretty much always want to read everything she writes. It also highlights Indigenous artists and businesses. Now she also has a Patreon with even more book content!

Erin @erins_library

Erin is an Alaskan Lingit actress and bookseller. She reviews a lot of Indigenous literature, like many others, you’ll find a wonderfully eclectic mix of contemporary fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, romance, non-fiction and more on her page. Come for the beautiful natural backdrops that she uses as backdrops for her photos; stay for the amazing book reviews.

Mallory Whiteduck @nativegirlsreading

Mallory is a member of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Nation and a Hudson Valley-based bookseller. She reviews Indigenous literature in many genres and also hosts the #NativeLiteratureChallenge. Definitely follow Mallory if you’re ready to detonate your TBR. Just look at the stack below!

Laney Beaulieu @ laney.boggs.reads

Laney Beaulieu is a Denededline et Métis bookseller. She usually posts direct reviews, and sometimes she includes earrings in her photos, which makes me want to look at them forever. She mainly reviews adult books, but also occasionally publishes articles on Native children’s books!

Pip @littleblackduckbooks

Pip is an aromantic, asexual and agendated First Nations Australian Aboriginal Yuin. They use their story to celebrate Australian First Nations literature and to discuss “what I read and what I think; the things I love and the things I want to see change in the world (s) I live and read, real and imagined. There are so many amazing First Nations Australian lights out there, and Pip’s account is a great place to learn where to start. It’s a good mix of reviews, summaries, lists, and recommendations.

Dani @ dh.trujillo

Dani is a Xicana & NDN bookseller who reviews books in a wide variety of genres. She posts both rave reviews and more critical reviews, and I always appreciate the honesty and care she puts into it. I always like to read his reviews of books that I have read before; they usually give me a different perspective.

Destiny @myhoneyreads

Destiny is a queer Latin and Native American spoon and writer based in California. If you love soothing photos of books, cozy sweaters, coffee mugs, and blankets, you’ll want to follow them. Their reviews are also excellent, of course, and their posts are often personal and always feel genuine.

Lelah @theprosepantry

Lelah is an Indigenous bookseller who explores the links between food and literature. If you love food as much as you love books, you’re going to want to follow this account. She associates her book reviews with food and writes a bit about why, sometimes sharing recipes or treats on the foods she highlights. This is honestly one of my favorite Bookstagram accounts. it always makes me hungry for books and food!

Sasha @anishinaabekwereads

Sasha is an Ojibwa bookseller and a member of the White Earth Anishinaabekwe Nation. They review books in many genres. On his page you’ll find tons of great sources for Indigenous books, as well as plenty of Indigenous and non-Indigenous science fiction, fantasy, romance, and more.

Michelle Huber @ thor.wants.another.letter

Michelle is an Oglala Lakota bookseller. She publishes book reviews, as well as updates on the bullet journal and the postal mail. If you like bookish content that’s not just about reviews, this is a great account to follow.

Native bookstores and book club accounts to follow

There are a ton of amazing native booksellers out there, and some of them also run book clubs or have their own bookstores! Book clubs are a great way to discover new books and connect with other readers interested in Indigenous literature. Here are some of the book clubs founded and run by native readers and writers.

Erin and Dani Book Club @erinanddanisbookclub

Dani from @thunderbirdwomanreads and Erin from @erins_library have teamed up to create a book club that focuses on books by Indigenous authors. This year’s theme is Indigenous Memories, and they pick a new one every month. You will find many articles on their current readings on their page, and you can also join their monthly discussions on Zoom books.

Native Book Club @indigbookclub

Indigenous Book Club is a book club dedicated to reading books by indigenous authors, founded by Carolann Jane Duro Mataweer. Members vote on which books to read and there are multiple online discussions for each book. Their Instagram page includes articles on the books, as well as links to online writings by Indigenous authors and recommendations for many Indigenous books.

Raven reads @raven_reads

Raven Reads is an aboriginal-owned book subscription box. Their page is going to make you want to subscribe to the box, but even if you can’t swing it, they’re still worth following. In addition to publishing amazing books by Indigenous authors, they feature many products (book articles, art, tea, clothing, etc.) made by Indigenous artists, designers and business owners.

Blackfulla Bookclub @blackfulla_bookclub

Blackfulla Bookclub is an online initiative created by two Australian First Nations readers. They feature extensive book reviews, as well as other content related to Australian Black and First Nations history and culture.

Massy Books @massybooks

Massy Books is an Indigenous women-owned bookstore in Vancouver. Their feed is packed with incredible book content, including extensive book listings and recommendations for Indigenous books across all genres.

Looking for more Bookstagrammers to follow? Check out our Bookstagram archives! And if you’re looking for more books by Indigenous authors, you’ll find a ton of them in our Archives of Indigenous Authors.

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