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Throughout the year and across the United States, New View offers seminars designed to teach the Transformative Connected School System as well as the principles and applications of Perceptual Control Theory (PCT).

The Transformative Connected School System workshops offer a series of how-to strategies that provide a pathway designed to create success, safe, and high-achieving schools. 

ACTS I, II, III, IV  Intensive Seminars are designed to teach the principles of Perceptual Control Theory as well as the theory’s personal and professional applications. PCT provides a basis for A Connected School and the Transformative Connected School System’s principles and strategies.

"Take Charge" workshops introduce a dynamic curriculum for building self-discipline and promoting positive behavior in teens. Grounded in Perceptual Control Theory or PCT, the curriculum focuses on helping kids help themselves. When young people take charge of their lives, they make better decisions about what they think and do. 

Sandy Barefoot, Principal of Barwell Road Renaissance Elementary School said: “I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Perry Good and A Connected School faculty for the past 14 years.  I have had the pleasure of leading three staffs and the work her team has done, has been remarkable.  We have transformed the culture in all three schools with the last year being the pinnacle of my career.  As a Wake County Renaissance school, we were able to hire a new staff and begin the new birth of Barwell Elementary School.  Perry and her team were there to get us started on our journey from the very first day. Together we have been able to create a school where relationships are strong and our entire school community is connected.  Over the past year the team has had training inConnected School principles and processes.  We have had intimate grade level meetings where we reflected on our relationships with each other and our students and parents.  The most significant accomplishment has been the development of the new student "Reflection Station" located in each classroom and in our offices.  Student utilize their ipod touch devices to record reflections pertaining to their actions while answering questions related toConnected School theories.  Thus far, we have been very impressed with how reflective and self-evaluative our students are, right down to our kindergarten students. Our hope is that as we continue this journey our relationships continue to be enriched so that our ultimate goal of increasing student achievement will be surpassed.  Our first year results revealed a 9.7 gain in proficiency and 69% of our 4th and 5th grade students met their individual growth targets.  Our expectation is that this next year is going to be even better!  We will be forever indebted to Perry Good and theConnected School faculty for their support and for getting us started on this incredible journey!”

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