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People are internally motivated, and all behavior is purposeful.

For more than 30 years -- since publication of Behavior: The Control of Perception in 1973 -- William T. Powers and an ever-widening circle of researchers, scientists, educators, and therapists worldwide has explored and tested a theory of human behavior called perceptual control theory (PCT).


With that foundation in mind, New View is proud to offer several collections of Powers's papers and essays, as well as his 1998 simplified, conversational Making Sense of Behavior: The Meaning of Control.

Counselors, therapists, and other helping professionals will find the studies of PCT useful, and may learn the key to conducting psychotherapy without "getting in the way" (see Timothy A. Carey's The Method of Levels or Hold That Thought!).

Those newer to the theory will enjoy Shelley Roy's A People Primer: The Nature of Living Systems, which helps readers take effective control of their lives while explaining PCT principles.

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