Manage people and situations more effectively.

Understanding behavior helps influence decisions and builds strong relationships

From classroom teachers to school administrators and corporate supervisors to CEOs, managers and leaders occupy varied positions and have a range of responsibilities. But all good managers and leaders have this in common: They understand and know what motivates people.

Our books, many of which are grounded in a theory of human behavior called perceptual control theory, offer both new and veteran leaders strategies and tools for managing people and becoming the leaders they want to be.

Learn how to:

  • create a vision for your school, team, or company
  • resolve conflicts and difficult situations between coworkers or employees
  • reach a consensus
  • conduct efficient meetings
  • develop good relationships with your coworkers or employees
  • introduce and influence change movements
  • recognize and secure your legacy as a leader

On the topic of leadership, counselor, former Dartmouth professor, and IAACT faculty member Barnes Boffey has said:

Our lives are not exercises from school that have no relevance. In fact, they have the ultimate relevance. Our lives can damage other people; our lives can heal other people; our lives can nourish other people, and our lives can transform other people. Our lives become the stars that others steer by, and if we live them well, the world will change. (From Your Leadership Legacy by Galford and Maruca, p.182).

New View President Perry Good introduced perceptual control theory to Mary Kay Inc. and has worked with the corporation for nearly a decade. On Mary Kay's experience with these ideas, Director of Organization Effectiveness Jill Smith-Tuttle has said:

Mary Kay's partnership with Perry Good has ushered in an era of open communication and accountability. Her unique ability to engage our employees has helped them develop critical skills for working in corporate America and for life. By modeling these crucial skills, Perry has helped us approach accountability from all levels. She has created strong relationships through a variety of interactions, from classroom discussion on personal responsibility to executive coaching. Perry is recognized by people all through our company, and is a true partner.

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