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Great, strong schools are achieving, caring, and safe.

Many school reform efforts focus on specific problems (bullying, drug abuse, gangs, etc.) but neglect to address the root causes of those problems; they fail to link one problem to another. Such approaches do not bring about long-term, substantive change.

New View engages a holistic approach to problem-solving, in which (for example) students learn that negative behaviors, such as bullying or drug abuse, will never lead to a resolution of their problems. Instead, we help students build self-discipline and promote positive behaviors, which in turn leads to better problem-solving skills.

This holistic approach is grounded in a theory of behavior called Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). When students, teachers, and administrators understand PCT and implement its principles in their personal and professional lives, the rhetoric of change becomes meaningful, leading to sustained change.

These changes result in an improved school climate which fosters achievement, connections, and safety within the school and the community. Our variety of books reflects this holistic approach.  They Include:

  • guidebooks and activity books for educators and parents that are grounded in PCT principles
  • explanations of how people behave and how the brain works
  • holisitic approaches consistent with PCT for addressing discipline
  • exercises that help students develop self-control and problem-solving abilities

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