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Purpose, Meaning, and Action: Control Systems Theories in Sociology


Purpose, Meaning, and Action: Control Systems Theories in Sociology   
by McClelland et al

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Format: 5.75\\\" x 8.5\\\" hardcover, 332 pages

ISBN# 978-1-4039-6798-5


Kent A McClelland and Thomas J. Fararo

This book marks an important milestone in the growing interest in Perceptual Control Theory among academic researchers -- in this case, seventeen leading sociologists. As one reviewer summarized, the research in this volume "exhibits a remarkable array and depth of empirical applications." The chapters in this volume point to new directions in sociological thinking and research grounded in an understanding of negative feedback. It is encouraging to see that PCT is gaining wider acceptance within disciplines concerned with human behavior and a better understanding of the world. (Palgrave Macmillan). edited by Kent A. McClelland and Thomas J. Fararo

author information

Kent A. McClelland is a Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College. His publications include work on sociological theory, racial and sexual harassment, immigration, research methodology, gerontology, and social stratification, as well as pedagogical essays on ways to improve sociological writing. He is a past President of the interdisciplinary Control Systems Group and is currently the Chair of the newly established Peace Studies Program at Grinnell College.

Thomas J. Fararo is Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology at The University of Pittsburgh, where he has been since 1967. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Career Award from the American Sociological Association Section on Mathematical Sociology and he is a past chair of that section. He has served on the editorial boards of a number of professional journals, including The American Sociological Review, The American Journal of Sociology, and Sociological Theory, and is an Associate Editor of The Journal of Mathematical Sociology. His most recent books are Social Action Systems: Foundation and Synthesis in Sociological Theory (2001), and Generating Images of Stratification: A Formal Theory (2003, coauthored with Kenji Kosaka).

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