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Restitution: Restructuring School Discipline


Restitution: Restructuring School Discipline   
by Diane Chelsom Gossen

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Format: 6 x 9 softcover, 139 pages

ISBN# 978-0-944337-36-3


 If you want your kids to learn from their mistakes, punishment isn't the answer -- it just makes a bad situation worse. In this groundbreaking book, Diane Gossen explains how you can foster self-discipline in your students. Restitution is an approach to discipline based on the recognition that young people will make mistakes, and it emphasizes positive strategies when problems do occur.

Restitution - a sensible way of working with students to solve problems. - Alfie Kohn, author of Punished by Rewards

Restitution helps students make the right choices from within. It is learning rather than teaching. - Bryant Christenson, teacher, Isle High School, MN

author information

Diane is a former senior faculty member at the William Glasser Institute, where she worked closely with Dr. Glasser for many years. She has served on the faculty of several universities (including the University of Saskatchewan and Brandon University) and has conducted training in a broad range of school-based programs, drug rehabilitation centers, community centers, and correctional facilities. Diane is a founding member of the International Association for Applied Control Theory (IAACT).


Acknowledgements ... vii

Foreword: My Evolution as an Educator ... ix

Overview ...xii

1. Current Discipline Practices ...1

2. Control Me If You Can ... 25

3. Restitution ... 43

4. Moving Toward Self-Discipline ... 65

5. Managing Difficult Situations ... 81

6. Making It Right ... 107

Afterword: Reflections on Restitution ... 131

Readings ... 137


From the Overview

The concept of restitution can be used to restructure schools away from traditional methods of disicpline. Restitution is not retribution. Restitution provides the teacher with a process to redirect the individual. In the restitution model the teacher's actions do not diminish the individual. Rather, the teacher uses restitution as a tool to gain control without sacrificing the self-esteem of the individual. When students understand that the goal of discipline is to strengthen them and to teach them, they will no longer be afriad to face their mistakes. They will begin to view a problem as an opportunity for learning a better way.

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