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New View Posters: set of 5


New View Posters: set of 5   
by Jeff Hale

$ 20.00


Format: 11 x 17



This set of five posters by Sesame Street animator and artist Jeff Hale have been reproduced from E. Perry Good's In Pursuit of Happiness. They can be purchased individually (listed separately) or as a set to hang in the school halls or library or your individual classroom. Kids love them.

author information

Jeffrey Hale is an internationally renowned animator now living in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in England, where he graduated from the Royal College of Arts in London. He has produced, directed and animated numerous theatrical shorts, including "The Great Train Robbery" and "Thank You Mask Man" (soundtrack by Lenny Bruce). His television credits include animation for commercials, specials and Sesame Street, with which he has been associated since the show began. His work has been exhibited and honored at film festivals around the world and he has been nominated for two Academy Awards.

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