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Who2Bee: The Inside Story


Who2Bee: The Inside Story   
by Williams, Gilmer, and Cook

$ 15.00


Format: 10 x 8 softcover, 64 pages

ISBN# 978-0-944337-50-9


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Who2Bee: The Inside Story is the first book of a new series which aims to teach basic concepts of Perceptual Control Theory to elementary school students.

Developed by Jane Williams, Sandra Gilmer, and Mina Cook, Who2Bee is both educational and fun. As students play and laugh with the story's characters, they will learn PCT, including components of the loop. Equally important, students will learn more about themselves and how to become the people they want to be.

The book has been designed to enhance the standard course of study for reading and writing. Teachers who incorporate the story and accompanying activities into curriculum instruction ensure a meaningful and successful experience for students.

author information

Jane C. Williams lives in Walnut Cove, North Carolina with her husband, Rick. She was privileged to work for 30 years as a teacher, coach, principal, and central office administrator in public education and for 10 years in the field of substance abuse prevention. Perceptual Control Theory is the core belief system that has guided Jane’s decision-making throughout her career. Currently, Jane is having a blast buzzing around the United States and teaching Perceptual Control Theory concepts to educators and their students. She spends her free time with Nelson (her English Bulldog) and mulling over who- or what2bee next!

Sandra G. Gilmer is an elementary school principal in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where her life is a constant swarm of activity. For the past 25 years, she has been a teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, a curriculum coordinator, and a school administrator. Her hobbies include being a continuous learner and spreading the buzz about the principles of Perceptual Control Theory. Sandra’s passion for enhancing the lives of her school community led her to the science of Perceptual Control Theory. Her personal mission is to inspire others by teaching and modeling “Who2Bee.”

Mina J. Cook lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her husband, their four dogs, and one outnumbered-and-slightly-irritated cat. The primary focus of her professional career has been working with both young people and adults, teaching the concepts of Perceptual Control Theory. Mina has used her understanding of PCT as a basis for increasing the effectiveness of systems-level reform efforts in public schools as well as in the juvenile justice system. Most recently, Mina has been learning to play the accordion and hopes to one day master “Flight of the Bumble Bee.”


Bumb Lee Bee is BEEside himself! The young bee is so unhappy and thinks life is out of his control!

Then, after an especially bad day at school, Bumb Lee Bee meets his Personal Control Team (PCT): the Princess of Perception, the Ruler of Reference, and the Earl of Error.

With the help of his PCT, Bumb Lee Bee learns the secret to BEEing who he wants to BEE and embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will teach children how to be happy and take control of their lives.

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