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Our History

Founded and incorporated in 1987 by Fred and Perry Good, New View is a small publishing and consulting business based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We are dedicated to helping people -- especially educators, counselors, and leaders -- learn interpersonal communication skills in order to improve their personal and professional relationships. Our publications, seminars, and workshops are grounded in a scientific theory of behavior known as perceptual control theory.

Our Focus

Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) is the first comprehensive scientific explanation of the behavior of living things. Proposed by William T. Powers in his seminal 1973 book Behavior: The Control of Perception, PCT explains why we do the things we do, and contends that we are controlled not by outside, environmental forces but that we have inner purpose. At the core of this model is the understanding that we behave in order to obtain an intended perception. (In other words, we act on the world to achieve a particular result.) The theory has gained credibility among scientists, social scientists, medical professionals, educators, and counselors worldwide, and has profoundly influenced its practitioners' professions.


New View's catalog focuses on books that explain PCT and its real world applications. We include titles appropriate for new PCT students as well as those suitable for advanced researchers. For example, several titles introduce PCT to non-practitioners, explaining simply and practically how to implement the theory's principles. Others explore the scientific foundation of the theory and study the effectiveness of its applications. New View also offers books produced by other publishers; these titles are consistent with PCT but are not specifically based on it.

Seminars and Workshops

Throughout the year and across the United States, New View offers seminars designed to teach the principles and applications of PCT. These four-day, hands-on sessions include connecting activities, small group work, discussion, and practice using role-play and self-evaluation exercises. Our training sessions have helped educators, counselors, social workers, leaders, and managers improve their personal and professional lives through applying the principles of PCT. Our current clients include schools and school systems, social services organizations, individuals, and corporations.


Our Affiliations

New View is affiliated with the Control Systems Group (CSG), a non-profit organization focused on the research and development of the science of perceptual control theory, and with the International Association for Applied Control Theory (IAACT), a non-profit, professional association organized to teach principles and applications derived from an understanding of Perceptual Control Theory.

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