About New View

Our mission

New View’s mission is to share with all four sectors of our economy ground breaking information about how and why people behave in the ways they do. Demystifying the latest discoveries in brain research, neuroscience and psychology, the company translates difficult and technical research into practical principles and applications that can be used to reduce stress at both the individual level and wherever people are interacting in group settings.

What we do

The company develops strategies, methods and tools (books, seminars, videos) based on the first scientifically rigorous theory of behavior known as Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). These strategies, methods and tools lead to high functioning, smooth running work and home environments. Our focus is on helping to improve the relationships between people working within these organizations and on helping people who work with other people become more effective in their interactions with others.   

Our customers

New View contracts with local school districts, individual public and private schools, corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies that want to improve the relationships between people within their respective organizations or that want to improve their effectiveness in working with clients. Additionally, New View partners with organizations to deliver seminars and workshops for various client groups such as parents, counselors and teens, among others.   


New View

Post Office Box 3021

Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3021

Phone 800.441.3604

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